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Swing Gate Automation


The R3 and R5 rotary arm swing gate operators

The R3 and R5 rotary arm swing gate operators are the logical choice for most swing gates.  The wide arc of operation combined with inherent soft acceleration and deceleration provide swift opening and closing of the gate.

The operators are powered by a high torque geared DC motor coupled to a high strength worm- reduction gearbox.  The systems use a 12V maintenance free battery as the primary power source.  The battery is charged via a mains electricity supply or solar panel.

The operators are available for mounting directly to the gate support pillar, referred to as WALL MOUNTING, or onto a steel post positioned forward of the gate, referred to as PEDESTAL MOUNTING.

  • R3 Reliable workhorse for domestic swing gates. 

  • R5 Physically the same size package as the R3, the R5 incorporates a stronger DC motor for large domestic and light industrial swing gates. 


  • Swift and smooth opening and closing.

  • High starting torque geared DC motor.

  • Anti-crushing protection for greater safety.

  • Safe 12V DC motor.

  • Whisper-quiet operation.

  • Simple yet robust construction.

  • No centre stops, no locks yet secure locking.

  • No dangerous scissors action.

  • Fully adjustable linkage system.

  • Pedestal and wall mounting configurations.

  • Power failure protection.

  • Fully incorporated electronics.

  • Dual manual override.

  • Proven lightning protection.

  • Innovative internal position control.

  • Multiple operating features to suit a wide variety of applications.


The heart of the both the R3, R5 operators is the electronic controller. A benefit of these units is that they use the same CP75 controller. The is particularly beneficial for after service support of the product as stock holding of spare controllers can be reduced and technical staff only have to become familiar with one controller instead of two. The CP75 offers a wide range of useful features to suit from the most basic to complex installations.

  • Modes of operation

Standard mode
Reversing mode
Condominium mode
Passive infra red auto-close (PIRAC)

  •  Pedestrian opening

Variable opening & Adjustable auto-close time

  • Free exit facility

  • Auto-close

Selectable auto-close
Convenient pushbutton override
Adjustable pause time

  • Built in motor soft start and stop

  • Advanced lightning protection

  • Solenoid strike output
    Gate status indication

Gate status

Mains failure

Battery low

Multiple collision

Pillar light status

  • Battery low protection

Sensitivity anti-crushing mechanism

Independent open and close control

  • Advanced pillar light timer

Adjustable time

Optional pushbutton control

  • Programmable leaf delay

  • Holiday lock out

  • Infra red beam protection

  • Reverse polarity protection



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