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D3 Sliding Gate operator | D5 Sliding Gate operator | A10 Sliding Gate operator

ET 500 Gate operator

D5 Sliding Gate operator
Well proven workhorse for majority of domestic sliding gate installations up to 500kg and a secure option for light industrial applications
The thoroughbred range of DC operators offer swift and reliable sliding gate control. The D3 unit is powered by a high torque DC motor coupled to a custom built gearbox.
The system uses a 12V maintenance free battery as the primary power source. The battery is charged via a mains supply or solar panel. For light industrial applications the D5 is available with a power pack which delivers the full current requirement of the motor.

The principle features of the system are:

  • CUSTOM BUILT GEARBOX – made from advanced engineering materials for corrosion-free strength and durability.

  • ROBUST LUBRICATED GEARSET - ensures extended life and secure locking.

  • REVOLUTIONARY INTERNAL LIMIT SWITCH (DOSS) – for pin point stopping and easy installation. Novel gate referenced origin ensures that the end limit positions are never lost even if the gate is accidentally knocked off its rail and repositioned differently.

  • SENSITIVE ANTI CRUSHING CONTROL – for greater safety.

  • PROVEN SURGE AND LIGHTNING PROTECTION – for added reliability.

  • INTERNAL MANUAL RELEASE – with lockable access door for greater security.

  • UNINTERRUPTED OPERATION – using safe low voltage battery driven DC motor.

  • FAST OPERATING SPEED – offers greater security and convenience with smooth acceleration and deceleration.

  • MULTIPLE FEATURES – to suit a wide variety of applications.

At the core of the CENTURION slider is the electronic controller. The controller used in the D5 unit is the CP80 Controller.


Technical Data

Motor Voltage 12V DC
Starting Thrust 60kgF
Rated Thrust 20kgF
Operating speed at rated thrust 16m/min
Gate usage See table below
Anti-crushing sensing Electronic only
Maximum gate mass 500kg


Gate Usage

  Operations per hour Operations per day Operations in event of power failure
Battery driven with SM2A charger and 7A/H battery† 20 150 ±10
Battery driven with SM2A charger and separate 40A/H battery* 20 150 ±100
Power pack driven excluding battery back-up 20 100 0
Power pack driven with 7A/H† or 40A/H* battery back-up 20 100 Subject to capacity of standby battery fitted

† Mounted inside operator
* Must be housed separately in weatherproof enclosure
◊ Subject to length and loading of gate and assumes a fully charged battery before power failure.



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