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ET 500 Gate operator


A10 Sliding Gate operator
The new A10 operator is in a class of its own, using a high-torque 3-phase motor and custom designed frequency inverter to provide a fully speed-controlled system capable of moving industrial gates weighing up to 2 tons. On gates up to 1000kg the normal operating speed is a swift 16metres per minute. On lighter gates, thanks to the frequency inverter this speed can be increased to 30m/minute. 

The unit can be operated almost continuously when fitted with an optional cooling fan. Power failure protection for the A10 is achieved by simply adding an innovative DC converter module with standby battery.

Smooth acceleration and deceleration
The inverter / 3- phase motor combination provides silky-smooth ramp up to full speed and slow down to a fully controlled stop.

Rapid operation with intelligent speed control
For the ultimate combination of security and safety, the controller can be programmed to open suitable gates at up to 30 metres per minute but close at a slower and safer speed of 16 metres per minute.

Very high starting and running thrust
The three-phase motor combined with inverter control provides radically improved starting and running torques compared to the single-phase capacitor start motors typically used in most gate motor applications.

High gate mass capacity
The rugged diecast aluminium gearbox is designed to handle heavy industrial gates with high inertial loads.

Fan cooled unit for very high duty cycle capability
Duty cycles of up to 100% are possible with a unit fitted with optional cooling fan. 

Battery back-up capability using innovative DC converter
In applications which require power failure protection, a DC-to-DC converter with standby battery can be readily added.

Internal limit switch system ensures pin-point stopping
There are no external limit switches to fit or adjust. The well-known DOSS system (Digital origin seeking system) keeps track of the gate position at all times.

Sensitive anti-crushing control
Although the inverter controlled 3 phase motor is capable of delivering a large driving force, the control electronics accurately monitors the applied load to provide sensitive anti-crushing protection. 

Reliable 3 phase induction motor runs on single phase power 
The unit uses a 3-phase motor for optimum simplicity, reliability and operating performance. Combined with the frequency inverter the unit can be conveniently connected to a standard single-phase 220V supply.


  • Gearbox height adjustment of 10mm using convenient jacking bolts
  • Forwards and backwards position adjustment of 30mm
  • Unimpeded access to mounting bolts when lockable cover is removed
  • Dedicated cable entry point allows easy removal of gearbox for maintenance
  • Logic controller and power inverter housed inside protected plastic enclosures under the main cover
  • Flap out logic controller tray for easy commissioning
  • Convenient plug in connectors for both logic controller and power inverter
  • Lockable manual override prevents removal of cover
  • Jam free manual release operation
  • Multiple programme modes: standard, reversing, condominium, PIRAC
  • Selectable automatic closing with pushbutton override (adjustable time)
  • Adjustable speed modes from 16 to 30m/min. Open and closing speed can be programmed independently. (gate mass limited, refer to specifications below)

Optional Auxiliaries

  • Pedestrian opening (adjustable opening and auto-close time)
  • Remote gate status indicator (gate position, multiple collision detection, over temperature and light status)
  • Courtesy / Pillar light timer with multi mode pre-flashing option (adjustable time)
    Safety beam input
  • Holiday lock-out
  • Free exit facility
  • DC converter for standby battery back-up operation. Unit housed in separate weatherproof enclosure. Refer to specifications below.


A10 Operator

Power Supply 220V +/- 10%, 50Hz - 1 Phase(1) 220V +/- 10%, 50Hz - 1 Phase(1) 220V +/- 10%, 50Hz - 1 Phase(1)
Maximum Absorbed Current 6A 6A 6A
Motor Voltage 220V 3 Phase 220V 3 Phase 220V 3 Phase
Output Pinion 20 Tooth Mod 4 20 Tooth Mod 4 17 Tooth Mod 4
Starting Thrust 40kgF 40kgF 40kgF 40kgF 47kgF
Rated Thrust 30kgF 30kgF 30kgF 30kgF 35kgF
Operating Speed @ Rated Thrust 16m/min Adj. Up to 30m/min(3) 16m/min Adj. Up to 30m/min(3) 13.6m/min
Motor Cooling  Direct Drive Fan (1400RPM) High Efficiency Fan (3000 RPM) High Efficiency Fan (3000 RPM)
Duty Cycle (continuous)(2) 50% 80% 80%
Duty Cycle (one Hr endurance)(2) 80% 100% 100%
Ambient Temperature Range -20OC to +50OC -20OC to +50OC -20OC to +50OC
Anti-crushing sensing Electronic Electronic Electronic
Motor Thermal Protection Electronic Electronic Electronic
Maximum Gate length 20m 20m 17m
IP Rating 44 44 44
Optional Battery Back-up Yes Yes Yes
Shipping Mass of Unit 16kg 16kg 16kg
Maximum Gate Mass 1 000kg 600kg 1 000kg 600kg 2 000kg
(1) 110V 60Hz Available to order. (2) At rated pull and 25OC maximum ambient temperature. (3) Dependent on pull force.

Battery Back-up Module



Input Voltage 12V DC
Input Current @ Rated Thrust 30A
Rated Output Voltage 310V DC
Battery Charger 2.5A(1)
Cycles per A/Hr of Capacity Minimum 1 Opening(1)
Maximum Duty Cycle 20%
Thermal Protection Electronic
Enclosure IP65 External Plastic Enclosure
Dimensions 310mm X 240mm X 110mm
Maximum Battery Size Typically 40A/H (2)
Shipping Mass 10kg (Excluding battery and housing)
(1) 4m gate at rated thrust.
(2) Housed in separate enclosure. Battery and enclosure supplied separately.



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